It’s called StarChase, and it’s the newest technology being utilized by the Delta Municipal Police Force in their ongoing battle to track, intervene, and arrest drivers trying to dodge law enforcement. They are the first police force in Canada to use the product, with the Abbotsford police not far behind (they are awaiting installation). It works like this:

A GPS “cannon” (launching device) is installed on a police car. The projectiles are equipped with a GPS tracking device, referred to as a GPS Projectile, which provides updates on its location every 3-5 seconds. In the event of a high speed chase, the officer can launch a GPS Projectile (similar to a dart) which will adhere itself to the fleeing vehicle. At this point, it is no longer necessary for the police to engage in a dangerous high-speed chase. The GPS updates will provide the location of the vehicle to police, and officers can therefore be one step ahead of the culprits, intervening only when it is safe to do so. Police are hopeful that this innovative approach will prevent the injuries and deaths from accidents that come as a result of high speed chases between law enforcement and evasive assailants.

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