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A drug crime arrest can be a terrifying experience, but a conviction could change your life forever. Without experienced defence representation, you could face jail time, job loss and years in prison. A criminal conviction for a drug offence can also limit your ability to travel to the United States.

At Tarnow Criminal Law we provide intelligent and aggressive defence representation to people facing drug charges. We understand the impact a conviction would have on your life and we will do everything in our power to help you achieve a favourable result.

We handle a wide range of drug cases, ranging from first time possession to manufacturing and “dial-a-dope” accusations. In any case, it is important to get all the facts and look for weaknesses in the prosecution’s case early on. In handling your case we will examine a number of important questions:

  • Was the arrest executed properly by police
  • Was your property legally seized during the arrest?
  • Are the charges against you fair and unbiased?
  • Were your privacy (Charter) rights violated during the arrest?
  • Were witnesses present who support your side of the story?
  • Having experience in prosecution, we understand the threshold of proof they must bear in a drug crime case. Both Jason Tarnow and David Tarnow know how to find the information vital to a defence case and have the trial experience to present the facts in a compelling light. Whether you are facing heroin or cocaine charges, possession for the purpose of tracking (PPT), marijuana possession, marijuana cultivation (‘grow ops’), meth labs, illegal prescription drug charges, or any other drug charges, we will fight for a favourable outcome, whether that be dismissal of charges, reduced charges or acquittal after trial.

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