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Computer crimes and cyber crimes are classified as any crimes involving the illegal use of a computer system or the internet. Whether you’ve committed such a crime or not, it can be terrifying to find yourself under investigation for a cyber crime or charged with a violation of cyber crime law.

Whatever your unique circumstances, everyone charged with a crime deserves a capable defence. That’s why, the instant you discover you’re being accused of, investigated for or charged with a cyber or computer crime, you find the most qualified computer and cyber crimes lawyer to provide you with a solid defence.

What is Cyber Crime?

Cyber criminals take advantage of the many vulnerabilities in using a computer system or the internet, such as software and hardware vulnerabilities and human behavior. Sometimes, they’ll even impersonate a government official or agency, a representative of a financial institution, or other respected or familiar company to meet their illicit objectives.

Those objectives may include to steal valuable information, whether personal or business-related, that the thieves can then use to commit other crimes like theft, extortion and fraud. Over the years, these individuals and the tools they utilize to perpetrate their offences have grown increasingly sophisticated.

Types of Cyber and Computer Crimes

Cyber and computer crimes come in many forms:

  • Downloading copyrighted music, movies and other pirated material
  • Sexually luring a minor or soliciting a minor online
  • Child pornography possession and distribution
  • Illicit movement of other controlled technology and goods

Canada has also signed on to the Additional Protocol to the Convention on Cybercrime prohibiting the use of computers and the internet to perpetrate xenophobic and racist acts. You can even be charged with a cyber or computer crime for simply being an ancillary participant, even if unwittingly.

Being charged with such a crime is a serious offence that requires a solid defence in order for the chance of acquittal. Penalties for sexual offences, and particularly those involving minors, including subjection to the Sexual Offender Information Registration Act, which would require you to register as a sex offender.

Tarnow Criminal Law’s Cyber Crimes Lawyers Provide Non-Judgmental DefenseCyber and Computer Crime Law in Canada

Canadian authorities take cyber crimes seriously. To deal with this growing and widespread problem, British Columbia and Canada at large have developed specialized cyber crime units dedicated exclusively to investigating crimes perpetrated over the internet or otherwise via computer, like the Royal Canadian Mounted Police’s National Cybercrime Coordination Unit, which partners with the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre.

It doesn’t stop there either. As the years go by, the Government of Canada continues amending and expanding the National Cyber Security Strategy by enacting new legislation establishing additional crimes involving illegal use of the internet and computer systems.

A Computer and Cyber Crimes Lawyer Can Defend YouCyber Crime Lawyer Near Me

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Whether you’re a teacher, student, executive, employee or entrepreneur, everyone deserves the best defence against charges of cyber crime. If you’ve been searching for a “cyber crime lawyer near me,” look no further for your defence than Tarnow Criminal Law. We have extensive experience helping to protect the rights of the accused in cyber crime and computer crime cases. Tarnow Criminal Law is a full-service firm that provides all clients with expert knowledge, individual attention and consistent communication throughout every stage of their investigation and defence.

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Cyber Crime
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