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Tarnow Criminal Law is a highly respected, full-service criminal defense law firm serving all of Vancouver, BC, and surrounding regions. Our firm is committed to providing ultimate quality legal representation for individuals who are charged with criminal offenses. When you choose legal representation by a leading cannabis lawyer from Tarnow Criminal Law, you will gain valuable legal expertise and the personalized attention that you need and deserve from an excellent criminal lawyer in Vancouver.

As expert trial lawyers, David and Jason Tarnow both have a strong passion for the law, Charter rights, and issues pertaining to social justice. They are known as expert trial lawyers with comprehensive knowledge, complete understanding and exceptional practice records as criminal defense lawyers.

Viewing guilty pleas/plea bargains as a last resort, these fine lawyers are highly successful in their formidable defense against criminal drug charges brought against clients. They also provide strong advocacy of their clients’ legal rights in court trials in Vancouver, Surrey, Richmond and other locations throughout British Columbia. Since breaking the law can result in severe penalties and repercussions such as the loss of basic liberty and freedoms, you need to retain an excellent criminal lawyer if you have been charged with a criminal offense.

Criminal records and jail terms can have long-lasting impact on anyone who is convicted of a crime. If you have been charged with committing a drug offense related to cannabis possession, trafficking or production, you need expert defense by a lawyer who is most appropriate for handling your specific situation and criminal charges.

Our criminal defence lawyers serve the following locations:

For a Top Quality Lawyer Cannabis, Contact Tarnow Criminal Law in Richmond, BCQuality Legal Counsel from an Experienced Drug Defense Lawyer

Tarnow criminal lawyers offer all clients highly intelligent and effective defense representation relative to drug charges. Our expert criminal trial attorneys comprehend the devastating effects that a conviction can have on your life and livelihood, which is why you need experienced lawyers by your side. Our versatile lawyers represent clients in a wide variety of drug-related cases, from first-time possession to production and selling accusations.

Our legal experts are skilled at identifying weaknesses or inconsistencies in the prosecution’s case from the start. When involved with your case, our lawyers will consider all aspects of such major questions as the following:

  • Was your arrest executed properly and fairly by the police?
  • Was any property belonging to you legally or inappropriately seized during the arrest?
  • Are the charges brought against you completely fair and unbiased?
  • Were your rights of privacy (Charter) violated or disregarded during the arrest?
  • Did anyone witness your arrest who will support your side of the story?

Consult an Excellent Cannabis Lawyer in Vancouver for Defense Against Criminal Drug ChargesLegal Representation from Top Criminal Lawyers in Vancouver

At Tarnow Criminal Law, we understand very well that criminal drug charges brought against you can cause numerous problems and difficulties in your life. We have a complete understanding of the fact that as a client who has been charged with a criminal drug offense, reassurance is of utmost importance to you. Your lawyer will explain your legal rights in detail to ensure that you have full understanding of every aspect of your criminal charges and case.

As your legal counsel, your Tarnow lawyer is ready to defend all allegations brought against you while assuring you of receiving highly intelligent, formidable defense in support of your innocence to charges of committing a cannabis drug offense in British Columbia.

A list of offences that our office frequently encounters, including BUT NOT LIMITED to:
Cyber Crime
Pornography related, Harassment

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Drug Offences
Violent Crimes
Domestic, Assault causing Bodily Harm, Aggravated Assault, Assault with a Weapon, Uttering Threats to Cause Death or Bodily Harm, 1st & 2nd Degree Murder, Attempted Murder, Manslaughter

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Firearm Offences
Use of Firearm in Commission of an Offence, Unsafe Storage of a Firearm, Pointing a Firearm, Possession of a Weapon for a Dangerous Purpose, Unauthorized Possession of a Firearm, Carrying a Concealed Weapon, Possession of Unauthorized Firearm, Weapons Trafficking, Possession of a Weapon Contrary to an Order, Possession of a Restricted or Prohibited Firearm

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Young Offenders
All youth (ages 17 and under) who are charged with offences

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Commercial Crime

False Pretences, Credit Card related offences, Breach of Trust, Unlawful possession, Identity Theft

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Driving Offences
Driving while Prohibited, Impaired Driving/Driving over .08/Causing Death/Bodily Harm, Dangerous Driving

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Theft over/under $5,000, Possession of Stolen Property

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“I was charged in a complicated situation involving elements of the both Criminal Code and immigration law. The amount of disclosure I received from the Crown prosecutors was overwhelming to me… but Dave helped me get through it all. Dave managed to work out favourable agreement with Crown that not only allowed me to continue living in Canada, but also ensured that I had no criminal record so that I can freely travel to the U.S.”
"His knowledge of the law is impressive."


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