Exhibit A: Exhibit Custodian

In an all too familiar moment of shame, another RCMP affiliate faces both judicial and public scrutiny after being convicted of theft and breach of trust.

 After a three week Trial, Jamie Tiller was found guilty in Chilliwack’s BC Supreme Court after the Jury of nine women and three men deliberated her fate over the course of 2 days.  

 Tiller was working as an Exhibit Custodian with the Chilliwack RCMP in 2011 when cash started to go missing from the Exhibit room.

 What’s interesting about this case is that the entirety of the evidence called was circumstantial – none of it direct. The most damaging evidence was that in 2011, Tiller personally deposited denominations of cash that exactly matched the money that was missing from a particular Exhibit file: 42 $20 bills, 12 $10 bills, and 8 $5 bills. Two other deposits made into accounts linked to Tiller were found to be in exact denominations of what was missing from 2 other Exhibit files.  

 Tiller was ultimately found guilty of the theft of $2,800.00 – but she was originally charged with the theft of over $40,000.00 connected to 19 RCMP Exhibits. Crown Counsel ultimately conceded that they could not prove beyond a reasonable doubt that all of the thefts could be linked to Tiller.

 Gurpreet Gill, Tiller’s lawyer, told the Court that there were serious flaws in the Crown’s case – in particular, the lack of any physical or direct evidence whatsoever. Further, she alleged that Don Reimer, another Exhibit Custodian, was more likely the culprit. She insinuated that Reimer was disgruntled after twice being overlooked for a promotion, and that he had said his Supervisor didn’t like him.

 Aside from having to pay restitution to the City of Chilliwack, Tiller faces possible jail time. Justice Miriam Gropper ordered a Pre-Sentence and Psychological Report to be completed prior to sentencing, which is expected to take place in the fall.