RoadSafety BC: Makes the rules to break the rules

RoadSafety B.C. took a huge step towards making our roads safer when, in January 2010, they implemented new legislation that made it illegal to use an electronic handheld device while driving. While frustrating for many motorists, the law was put in place to ensure... read more

Exhibit A: Exhibit Custodian

In an all too familiar moment of shame, another RCMP affiliate faces both judicial and public scrutiny after being convicted of theft and breach of trust.  After a three week Trial, Jamie Tiller was found guilty in Chilliwack’s BC Supreme Court after the Jury of nine... read more

Ambrose can dose – but she won’t.

Today, June 24, 2015, Vancouver became the first City in Canada to regulate medical marijuana dispensaries. It comes as yet another victory to those on the Cannabis Crusade, and another devastating blow to Federal Health Minister Rona Ambrose’s anti-weed agenda. In an... read more

Catch & Release: Analyzing the risk of NCR Offenders

In April 2008, the town of Merritt, B.C. was cast under a dark shadow when Allan Schoenborn murdered his 3 young children inside their family home while in the midst of a psychotic break. After a 3 month Jury Trial in Kamloops, B.C., Schoenborn was found to be Not... read more